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Elementos de la comunicacion asertiva entre padres e hijos


Elementos de la comunicacion asertiva entre padres e hijos

We are a full service online consignment company. JNM Trading & Consignment offers over 10 years of experience in online sales. We handle the sale of your items from pick-up to shipping, creating the written listing, photographing, responding to customer inquiries, managing the accounting, then packaging and shipping the sold merchandise.

Our detailed listings give buyers a clear understanding of the item being sold. We include photographs to give a visual of the item, adding more value to it. (A picture is worth a thousand words) We place the listing online at the right time to promote it to the most buyers. Buyers contact us for answers to any questions about the item on sale. Inquiries are answered promptly. When the item sells, JNM collects the payment, packages and ships the item and contacts you to finalize the accounting portion of the sale. You decide what to sell, just call us, sit back and collect your profits! JNM manages the entire sale. Let JNM bring the world to you.

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  • JNM sold my Greek Icon in less than 10 days at the exact prices I wanted.
    Debbie, Timonium MD
  • Mike sold my Grady White to the right buyer for the price I wanted.
    Tom, Glendon MD
  • Mike sold my Sony professional camcorder and I upgraded to an high def cam.
    Walt Perry, Hall MD
  • I shipped JNM my antique clock and received a check all in about 30 days. They even arranged for UPS to pick it up at no cost to me
    Jannie May Bear, Delaware
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    Baume Watch: JNM sold my Watch and I received twice the amount that a local pawn shop offered me.
    Greg, Owings Mills MD
  • JNM sold my Empires Sofa to a young man in Pittsburg, who picked it up a week later.
    Edda, Fells Point MD
  • Jill sold my Gibson J45 Guitar for $200.00 more than a local Guitar store was willing to give me.
    Debbie, Bel Air MD
  • Jill and Mike Sold our Scooters for $1000.00 more than my asking price and arranged shipping. Handled everything from A-Z.
    Frank and Karen, Ladenburg PA
  • Mike Sold our RV and we received $800.00 more than we wanted.
    Cathy & Mark,Glendon MD
  • JNM Sold our Boat and we had a check in 2 weeks!
    Travis and Lisa, Perry Hall MD
  • Server: Mike is great! He picked up, listed and shipped my items. I just waited for the check. We have never met in person only talked on the phone. I have sent JNM many items since.
    Luis, Brooklyn NY
  • Mike & Jill have sold my Fishing Boat and Four Wheeler lighting fast. They were very professional and honest people.
    Dean, Baltimore MD
  • JNM Sold a Waste Water Machine that was left in our warehouse by a previous tenant for $5000.00.

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    Jose All State Floors and Construction, Baltimore MD
  • JNM helped us with liquidating our entire restaurant

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    elementos de la comunicacion asertiva entre padres e hijos

    mapa de la republica mexicana con las vias de comunicacion

    Joti, Fells Point MD
  • We have a retail store in the city and these guys move volume for us
    Ms. Gale, Baltimore MD
  • Mike puts 25 items a week for up every week with good success
    Shawn, Rosedale MD
  • Jill and Mike set up and run our ebay store very efficiently
    Stuart, Perry Hall MD

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